Guest Photographer: Sandy Saunders


Garden2Way back when GardenRant was just a twinkle in Amy’s eye I became a fan of the garden-photoblogger I call "Sandy in BC".  Close-ups of flowers can be mere cliches in the hands of mere photographers but in the hands of a gardener-photographer like Sandy – well, like the shadowy waterlilies in our sidebar on the left, they just grab me.  Then there are her whole-garden and whole-plant photos like these of her own garden.  No surprise that she gardens and designs gardens for a living.Sandy2_1


So today marks Sandy’s debut as a guest photographer for our sidebar photo – our first.  We thank her for letting us brighten our little piece of cyberspace and cheer her on in her work.  And Sandy, judging from this self-portrait, green’s your color!

For more of Sandy’s photos and a terrific compilation of photoblogs, go here.


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