More on Liberating the Front Lawn, Slow Food, BBC Comedies, and the Neighbors


The nice people at Path To Freedom continue to generate headlines for their all-edible garden in Good_neighbors Pasadena.  Reminds me of the British comedy ‘The Good Life,’ called ‘Good Neighbors’ in the US.  It’s a little corny, but it has some very entertaining moments, particularly when the chickens or pigs encounter the Martini-swilling next door neighbors.  Netflix that baby if you haven’t already.

Meanwhile, back to Path to Freedom:

Dervaes had been running a small lawn-maintenance business six years ago when he and his family started their self-sufficiency garden project, dubbed Path to Freedom. They started the garden because of their growing concerns about genetically modified organisms and other potentially harmful additives in mass-market produce. Since then, the Dervaeses have raised everything from asparagus and jicama to kiwis and cotton — all of it organic. They’ve been successful using space-maximizing gardening techniques, including raised earth beds and potted plants that hang between trellised plants.



  1. The Path to Freedom folks are an inspiration. I found them a few years ago and was amazed. Thanks for posting about them. Now I need to rent that movie . . . .

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