The Naked and the Clean


Today’s Post has everything we’ve been ranting about, so why didn’t we think of iShowert ourselves?  The outdoor shower stall – it’s private yet friendly, wet, nude, and sensuous.  The builder of this one says it gets us "in touch with a deeper and more primordial sense of ourselves."  Yeah, baby!


  1. It is no surprise that the author of a book on outdoor showers would be from Maui. After a day of gardening in the nude they are very handy.

    The outdoor shower concept is so prevelant here that it has gone full circle and moved back inside. I recently did a landscape design for a house and cottage that had floor to ceiling exterior glass walls, not glass block in the bathroom and shower.

    It was my job to plant the shower curtain on a steep solid rock lot so that the neighbors looking down on this property could not see into the inside outdoor shower. The second story master bath complex was a challenge since they didn’t want to block their own mountain view, needed it NOW and the property above was about 20′ higher in elevation.

    Being naked outside feels so good that it is being brought back indoors.

  2. We’re in summer drought as usual, so maybe an outdoor shower would be useful if it were both non-see-through and somehow easily moved around the back yard…. the lawn could be green and clean, with no dandruff.

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