There’s a Time to Rant, and There’s a Time to Shop.


And now, it’s time to shop. You’ll never see an irritating animated pop-up ad on this site, and you certainly won’t ever hear an obnoxious car commercial blaring out of your computer’s speakers just when you’re trying to get a little cyber-gardening in at work without attracting the boss’ attention. No, we’re quiet and well-behaved when it comes to crass commercialism.

But do keep us in mind when you’re going online to shop. For instance, by clicking on the link below (or in our sidebar to the right), you’ll get a discount, and we’ll get a kickback.  It helps us keep the lights on and the plants watered here at Garden Rant World Headquarters, and you’ll save a few bucks, too.

Gardener’s Supply Company – 15% off orders of $25 or more!

Chipper_shredder What to buy?  An electric chipper shredder for instant mulch?  (that’s right, no gas cans and no frightening Fargo-esque nightmares) 

Clay seed balls  for guerilla gardening attacks on vacant lots? 

You decide.  And hey, send us your garden product rants and reviews–we’d love to run them.


  1. Too late! I bought this same chipper from Gardener’s earlier this year. They’re one of my favorite mail-order garden supply companies.

    I justified the purchase to myself because we now have actual trees, which sometimes drop actual branches, and not just twigs and leaves. So I needed something which could handle at least a 1″ diameter branch, which this chipper can.

    I’m very happy with it. It cuts clean and there’s no kickback. Very solid. I like the design of the side-offset branch feeder and top brush feeder (for prunings and such).

    I just wish the gravity hopper had a larger opening. I find I have to force feed it for leaves and such. Not that I have any accomplices to dispose of or anything …

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