This Must Be Stopped


Grapes_copyOkay, I’m willing to be calm about global warming…until wine grapes are threatened. Lord knows, we’re all going to need some nice fruity whites to stay cheerful in the sweaty hell that is the future.  But a recent National Academy of Sciences study raises the alarm that warmer temperatures may destroy the California wine industry.

One other hand, a piece in this week’s Wall Street Journal recorded the good cheer global warming is provoking in Greenland and points out…

For every 1.8 degrees of warming, Canada’s wine-growing region can expand 120 miles northward as the climate becomes suitable for growing wine grapes, according to David Phillips, the Canadian government’s senior climatologist.

Of course, I live much closer to the Canadian border than any sane person should.  So check back with me in a few years.  I have a promising-looking rocky field in the country that faces southwest.  When said field no longer resides in Zone 4, but in some more civilized Alsatian-style climate, I plan on giving up vegetable gardening in favor of Gewurztraminer.

P.S.  For a great book about why my backyard is soon to be the new Napa, check out my husband’s Big Coal.


  1. Jeff, welcome to the Rant and congratulations on the success of your book.
    If you’re in DC promoting the book look me up so you can show me family pictures over lunch. From this photo I’d look for someone channeling Gregory Peck in Gentleman’s Agreement – an excellent look, I might add.

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