Why Not Paint Some Nice Pink Flowers On It, Too?


Count on the New York Times’ real estate section for nifty gardening tips like this one–from an article on staging homes for sale:

“There was a wonderful hedge of bushes,” she said, “but one of them was brown. Instead of removing it and trying to find another hedge, we spray-painted it green. It looked terrific.”

Link: www.nytimes.com.


  1. This article gave me flashbacks, and not in a good way. We bought our first house a little over a year ago, and after we moved in we discovered that the ‘fresh paint’ had been slapped on so fast there were roller marks all over the window trim indoors.

    I guess we were fortunate that we first looked at the house in March — no doubt there would have been swathes of annuals plunked in the yard everywhere if the temperature hadn’t been below freezing!

  2. I really don’t think so as my reputation would be on the line! My hedges would NEVER turn brown!! What you see is what you get I’ve sold 18 homes!

  3. No rant needed.

    But they are following a trend that I read about in one of my gardening magazines, some years ago – where an entire hedge had died, and they proceeded to spray paint it some outlandish color.

    Which raised my eyebrows, to say the least, but at least was not dishonest about what had been done…

  4. This shocking news that ANYONE would seriously suggest shrub-painting when sprucing up a home for sale reminds me of a remark I heard recently. I was telling someone about Susan’s garden and showed her pictures from TakomaGardener. She looked them over, as well as those of Susan’s neighbors, and said “why would anyone spend that much time and money on landscaping—it’s not like it will increase the resale value of their house.” She may have to learn the hard way that her opinion is a bit off-track: her home was been on the market for 3 months w/ not a nibble. Front yard landscaping consists of 3 or 4 old scraggly shrubs–same ones that were there when she bought the house in 1979. The house will sell eventually, but she’ll have to wait for a buyer who’s equally oblivious to landscaping. People are odd (yours truly included).

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