Coreopsis Bondage


Dscn1559 So here I am in London, where, thanks to the miracles of the Internet and a pretty darn good wi-fi connection, I’ll be able to blog from time to time.  Anyway, I was walking through Kensington Garden today and Dscn1560admiring these very upright and not-at-all-floppy coreopsis.

I look closer and see that, in fact, these coreopsis are tied and trussed to  within an inch of their life.  Little bamboo stakes, bits of twine..can this possibly be worth the effort?


  1. Well … it’s not exactly the back garden at Aunt Lydia’s cold water flat, is it? When I was there for the second time, Princess Diana was living at Kensington Palace, and I think it’s still an active royal residence.

    I expect tradition and history figure into it as well — the gardens are about 300 years old.

    I imagine if you visited the White House you might see an obsessively tended plant or two. (No piles of brush there, with the brush-clearer in chief on the loose. 😉

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