One more Path-in-Border Shot


Pathinborder2awebBack home I’m testifying about the glories of paths through large, ultimately lush borders and getting a little carried away.  So indulge me  one more photo, in the hopes of winning you over once and for all.

They’re all click-to-enlargeable.


  1. I read this and the post at Takoma Gardener, which was lovely. I feel the same way toward my plants — while I try not to fuss too much, I do look over them daily so I know what’s going on out there.

    Also, from my point of view as a beginner, practical information is really valuable. I have the books, and I’ve already made plenty of mistakes to learn from, but seeing how people actually practice gardening is what I like to read about. More of these types of posts would be very much appreciated.

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