Rant on the Road: Sissinghurst


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  1. They keep the greenhouse at 8 deg C? That’s 46 deg F. Brrr!

    I tried growing Cobaea scandens from seed this year and none of the seeds germinated. 🙁

    Maybe I should have kept them in a 46 deg F greenhouse!

  2. Cool, only they should put a web cam on it so we can see it all the time!

    Thanks for sharing your great pictures from England and Rome.

  3. I just love the way they use the board to help draw you into the life of the garden. This is what we need to be doing more of here. Remind folks of the story behind the flowers and plants they buy. Sometimes when you know the story of what you buy, it can influence your purchasing decisions. I think that type of story telling can help smaller garden business compete with larger interests, whose stories might not be so appealing.

  4. I don’t think is a BLOG so much as a FAQ — i.e. “stop asking us the same queries over and over – here the answers are for you to read so we can get some damn gardening done.”

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