Swiss Family Corbusier


Check out this amazing interview with an artist named Richard Reames whose materials are living trees.  Apparently, there are a small group of such "arborsculptors" around the world, one of whose major goals is to create a living house.  Listen to what Reames has to say about it…

I believe that if enough people put their minds to using living trees, we can learn to grow houses. I believe that if we put our minds to it, like going to the moon, there’s no reason we couldn’t all be living in houses where the walls and ceilings are composed of living tree material and there are leaves coming out of the roof. We could accomplish this in one generation. We’d build doorways and windows that the trees would grow around, and also plumbing and electrical conduits. The trees would just swallow all the pipes. We’re going to call this "arbortecture."

Can you imagine anything lovelier than arbortecture?  Sign me up, and I don’t care if caterpillars rain down on me in my bed.


  1. Very groovy.

    Is it just me, or does grafting seem to have become a rather arcane topic in horticulture? I have the sense it was a fairly common skill once upon a time; now not so much. It’s for experts.

    I would like to learn some grafting techniques; I guess I’ll have to teach myself w/ some old books.

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