Who Do We Love? Garden Booksellers


Without them, though, it’s almost impossibe to find the literary treasures you seek.  Try walking into a big box chain bookstore and telling them that you’re interested in, oh, I don’t know–novels with a strong gardening subplot.  (yeah, that’s a hint of Rants to come!)  Try that on Amazon, even.  Doesn’t work.  You need a person.  A person who loves books.  And gardening.

So.  Who are your favorite garden booksellers?  We have a few nominations.

Mrs. Dalloway’s Literary and Garden Arts in Berkeley.  The name says it all.  Don’t you just want to go there right now?

University Book Store in Seattle.  If that sounds like a college textbook shop, you’ve got it all wrong.  This is a full-service independent bookstore with the largest garden section I’ve ever seen.  Period.  Hands down.  Don’t believe me?  Go check it out.

Powell’s Books for Home and Garden in Portland.  Holy shit.  These people totally rock. If you’ve been to their main store in downtown Portland, which fills a full block and stretches to a grand six stories, you’re already in love.  Now go to their garden bookstore.  You’re a goner.

In fact, we love Powell’s so much that we’ve made them our affiliate bookstore of choice.  If you see a link to a book on GardenRant, chances are that link will take you to Powell’s, where you can buy a book and support an author, an independent bookstore, and–well–us.  There’s also an ad in our sidebar that will take you straight there.  And we’re working on our GardenRant Bookshelf.  Check it out.

Is this list of garden bookstores too West Coast intensive?  Send us your favorite garden bookshops from the Rest of the Country and we’ll keep it updated.


  1. 84 Charing Cross Road is one of my favorite books, and I like to watch the movie on rainy days. I have the companion book, The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street, which is about Helene’s visit to London. Oddly enough, I purchased both books from Lee Valley Tool Supply, from whom I buy garden tools by mail order on occasion. I am not sure why they included these books in their garden tool catalog, but they did. And here you go mentioning the book in a post about garden bookstores. I am finding it all very odd.

    Sadly, I am not aware of a good garden related book store or garden section in a book store here in central Indiana. If anyone knows of one, clue me in.

    Great post, I’ll have to check out the Flora and Fauna Bookstore some more.

  2. Can’t wait to check out Mrs. Dalloway’s in person!

    As for Powell’s… I like it because it takes up a whole city block and is super fun to get lost in. And I like that it earned a big blue donkey on BuyBlue.org.

    Just be careful about prices. You only get free shipping after meeting a $50 minimum, and many books are sold at list price.

    Luckily, they often sell used copies. One could go broke buying gardening books if one isn’t careful. So, yes, Powell’s is great, but shop carefully if you’re bargain-minded.

  3. Representive of Flora & Fauna here. I was scanning the web to update listings with our address since we recently moved and found your post. I love your review of Flora & Fauna Books, I read it to David (he is computer phobic) and he appreciates the description! Just so you know we are now accepting orders from our website and I’ll be reading the emails, (we had some complaints from out of towners). Oh and yes we have moved to Magnolia near Discovery Park… 3121 West Government Way, Seattle WA 98199.
    Thanks a lot for mentioning us!
    ~ Natalie

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