Now, There’s a Good Use for a Lawnmower


Hang glider and artist Roger Baker cut enormous, half-million square-foot portaits into a field in Ellensville, NY, a town known as the Hang Gliding Capital of the World.  It serves as a bulls-eye for hang gliders to land upon, and it begins to disappear almost as soon as it is finished.  Some recent examples:






  1. I’ve GOT to put in a plug for another possible “Hang-Gliding Capital of the World,” the birthplace of aviation itself – Kitty Hawk, NC. If you’ve never trekked to the top of the dunes in the early evening – with views of the ocean in one direction and the bay the other – and watched the hang gliders in action or done it yourself – well, the site and the sights are amazing. Hell, just running down the dunes is amazing, for that matter, even for grown-ups.

  2. I am in awe… how does one plan that stuff ahead of time, not to mention executing it so well that he didn’t so much as make Einy’s nose too long?!?!

  3. My name is Geoff, and I’m a horticulturist. I wrote some gardening articles under the name Ray Floret at the $35/yr url above. They’re supposed to be funny. There are more, if you guys like them.

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