At Last, a Little Support…er… Help in the Garden


Groundforce Are you fans of the BBC’s Ground Force show? Have you often wished that you could take Charlie and the gang home with you? Now you can!  A company in the UK is making Sculptoons, brilliant little sculptures fashioned after British celebs.  You can also get some crazy-looking gnomes and other garden animals.  What’s next? Just imagine having a little Tony Blair to order around, or a Hugh Grant to fetch you drinks.  I’m loving it.

These little creatures are not without their own controversy.  Apparently Charlie is known and loved for not wearing a bra in the UK version of the show (she says she just doesn’t like them an doesn’t know what the fuss is all about), but she does wear one for her US appearances–and it Cdimmockappears that the Sculptoon is, shall we say, fully covered.  The subject of Charlie’s bra, or lack thereof, gets discussed on gardening blogs more than you might think–we particularly like this post advocating for proper support in the garden:

Charlie may be able to cope with all that swinging and swaying and general pendulousness, but I take one look at her and I ache on her behalf

Hey, whatever works.  Personally, I think a black lace bra is right for any occasion.  And recent posts on Jude Law notwithstanding, we maintain an equal-opportunity approach here at GardenRant and would like to take this opportunity to say:  Charlie, you’re a total babe.


  1. Now I know what to get my husband for Christmas! He loves Charlie and bra or no bra I don’t know how she can work with all that hair in her face! That would drive me crazy!! Saw her at the Chelsea Flower Show a few years back and she was quite shy!! You could tell that she would rather be swinging a pick ax or shoveling something.

  2. Charlie is my hero.
    She is the only female gardener on film that I have ever seen actually work. She gets grubby hands and cracked nails. Her knees get dirty!!!
    Are people still getting odd about wearing or not wearing a bra. I thought that was settled. Wearing a bra while gardening is hot and sweaty and uncomfortable.I suppose if your appendages are swinging low they might get in the way but for some of us that is not a problem…
    “And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet
    and the winds long to play with your hair.”
    kahalil Gabran

  3. A good, well-fitting sports bra would be comfortable and cooling -plus help that sweat evaporate. In addition it can serve AS your top on a very hot & humid day.
    That said. I’m not against bra-less-ness. Do what feels right for you.

  4. Since discovering my Thompson sports bras I’ve come to hate every other kind. In fact, I’d wear nothing else if I could (they don’t look too good showing under dressy clothes). And as Kathy indicated, when I really want to cool off I just ditch the t-shirt and I’m still respectable enough – well, for the garden, anyway.

  5. Women gardeners on telly – what is the obsession with their dress (or lack of)?
    Sarah Raven, one of the presenters of BBC Gardeners World gets more mentions for her odd clothes than her gardening, her fellow gardening personality Carol Klein gets stick about her dyed hair and then there is Charlie Dimmock. . . . not helped by the jiggly jiggly running with a wheelbarrow that has been the opening sequence of Ground Force since the 2nd series.
    I don’t see that much comment on the hair or dress of the men. Wonder why?

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