Dan Hinkley is Up and Running


Those of you who followed the Heronswood controversy know that there has been much speculation about what plant explorer and collector Dan Hinkley’s next move would be.  Well, he’s online and he’s on the road, with a couple dozen events already booked for 2007.  He’s posted some essays, including one called "Setting the Record Straight" about the Heronswood debacle, and he’s inviting readers to sign up for his Travelogue, which will be delivered by e-mail.

(Dan.  Buddy.  We have four words for you.  B-L-O-G.  It’s easy, dude, we promise.  If you can write an e-mail, you can blog.  And if you have a nifty smartphone and a TypePad account, you can even blog from the road.  And if people just have to get it by e-mail, they can. Come on, Dan. Become one of us.  Start a blog.)

Anyway, we wish Dan all the best, and if any of you get out to see him as he’s traveling around, drop a line and let us know how it went.


  1. This is wonderful, and I’ll definitely be signing up for Dan’s travelogues.
    I second Amy—a blog would be awesome. Think he can be convinced?

  2. Do people still use mailing lists?

    Here-here Amy. I’d much rather read a blog than have something else clutter my Inbox. The problem with email is that the good ones inadvertently get discarded with the spam.

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