Jude Law Can Divide My Perennials Anytime


Jude_law Thanks to our new friends at the American Society of Landscape Architect’s blog "The Dirt" for alerting us to this important news:  Jude Law plays a landscape architect in the new film Breaking and Entering.  Of course, the pros at ASLA are wondering how their profession will be portrayed, but all I wanna know is how much Jude Law charges for one of those home consultations Susan was talking about.

And as long as we’re talking about horticultural hunks on the big screen, I’ve just added Something New to my Netflix queue–I don’t expect it to be a great film, but hey, it’s a romance between a woman and her landscape architect, played by major hottie  Simon_bakerSimon Baker, pictured here. 

So, you landscape architects out there–is there, like, an extra fee for the romp on the lawn with the client, or is that standard?  Just checking.


  1. Amy, that has GOT to be the hottest picture of Jude yet – excellent work. And I ran out and rented “Something New,” and will report back. Stay tuned.

  2. Oh, yummy. I’ll have to add that to my Netflix queue Saved list.

    I got Something New from Netflix not that long ago, and went into it with fairly low expectations. I was very pleasantly surprised, and the garden transformation is pretty spectacular! Enjoy it — it’s definitely worth seeing, I think.


  3. This just in – the “Something New” garden transformation is indeed a hit. But on the point about the character being a landscape architect, he was referred to variously as an architect – once – and most often as a landscaper, even once as a “gardener” and as “the help.” So I wonder how happy ASLA was about that one.

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