Master Gardener Magazine


It’s a product of Washington State’s Master Gardener Program and as a subscriber, I expect to receive the first issue somehow in January.  I say somehow because I don’t quite get it – is it on line only or will it be mailed to me?  For only $10, I can go either way but if it is primarily on line, it could be yet another use of the Internet to increase the market for garden writing and maybe give it a shot in the arm, too.  Haven’t we seen that already??  I know you’re the choir on that question.

Back to the magazine.  Its mission is to "provide science-based information
on all aspects of home,
community, and environmental landscape planning, with an emphasis on
understanding the best sustainable horticultural practices."  Excellent! 
And it’s edited by Linda Chalker-Scott, also excellent.


  1. Excellent indeed! Thanks for sharing.

    I have high hopes that they combine “science-based information” in effective, meaningful language. It’s so easy for high-level scientists to write material that misses the mark for the average reader. Can’t wait to hear what you find in your mailbox/emailbox in Jan.

  2. The magazine is in print as well as on our Website. We’re excited about what we’re doing and welcome your comments about either version. Access to the Web site is free, the print subscription is $10 for four quarterly issues during this initial year. By the way, I just discovered Garden Rant and think I’ll be back often. The name’s as good as the topic!

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