South Central Gardeners Find New Digs


Several months ago we covered the story of LA’s South Central Urban Farm, where about 350 low-income gardeners grew food for their table.  They were evicted from the property as the result of a real estate deal gone bad (it’s complicated, but if you really want the ins and outs of this deal, read the Wiki page.)  Suffice it to say that it was your typical LA protest situation.  Daryl Hannah climbed a tree.  Martin Sheen picked up a bullhorn.  You know the drill.

Now the gardeners have moved on.  Or, to put it more precisely, they lost their fight, the gardens got bulldozed, and they’ve moved on.  According to the LA Times, the city has provided land for about 200 family farms, which unfortunately happen to be located under some high-voltage power lines.  Huh.

Well, anyway, the groundbreaking ceremony at the new place just happened, and crops are going in the ground.  The new garden operates under the leadership of the LA Community Garden Council, which also oversees about 65 other community gardens in LA.  (you can see a map here.  Little islands of greenery in the concrete jungle.) 

Thanks to Wikipedia for liberating this great quote from the LA Times’ stingy archives–this comes from columnist Steve Lopez:

"Former mermaid Daryl Hannah said recently she didn’t know there was a farm in South-Central Los Angeles until she got a phone call from a woman named Butterfly. This was back when Joan Baez was living up a tree on the same farm and singing folk songs, and I’d like to thank all of them for their contribution to the first paragraph of this column."