SF Garden Show–‘The Metropolitan Meadow’



  1. What’s with the vehicles at these? We had an old pickup with a water feature coming out of it at Buffalo’s Plantasia, which ought to be have been called SUCKtasia. I am so embarrassed, I’m not posting anything about it.

    Maybe the truck. The truck wasn’t bad. I mean, if you had an old pickup in your yard anyway and wanted to integrate it into the garden. Though I don’t think that those who have old pickups in their yard would be too worried about that.

  2. All the worlds a stage and the stage sets were up and blooming at the San Francisco Garden Show.
    Tops on my list for the most creative and best use of plants was the underwater fantasy sea scene created by Organic Mechanics .
    A dining table surrounded by 4 oversized antique metal clam shell seats set in a swirling sea of sumptuous succulents, colored sea glass and a watchful red eyed octopus was whimsically quirky yet crafted to perfection.
    It was amazing how such earth bound plants as aeoniums, aloes , agaves , echiverias and sedums evoked a truly authentic feeling of an underwater coral reef. I was expecting Jacque Costeau to float by at any moment.

    And worst on my list was the hilarilously gauche giant chysanthemum poodle display .
    Truly a ” what were they thinking” award winning stroke of poor taste.
    It was so heinous it was fabulous !

    For more photos and commentary click on over to
    this blog :


  3. Saw a garden gate (green, wooden with a brass horse) and would like to purchase it but don’t have the vendors name. It was at the SF Garden show this month. Can you help? Thank you!

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