draft–Jeff Gillman book giveaway


TruthaboutgardenWe had so much fun with author Jeff Gillman when he joined us for a guest rant recently, and we know you did, too.  So we called the nice folks at Timber Press and talked them out of another copy of his book, The Truth About Garden Remedies, to give away to you.  (Well, not all of you.  Just the cleverest one of you.)

So here’s what you have to do to win: Tell us a story about the worst piece of gardening advice you ever followed and the disastrous consequences therefrom.  Extra consideration given to remedies involving human urine, special chants, or silly dances, especially if any of this was captured on video and posted to YouTube.  (we’ll, not the human urine. bit  We’ll skip that.)

Post your response in the comments, or post it on your own blog and put a link in the comments.  Our secret panel of judges will announce a winner in the next few days, contact the winner to get an address, and Timber will mail them a book.  OK—go!