To illustrate Elizabeth’s point…


Since she mentioned "those weird seed mixes and rolls of seeds for ‘instant gardens’," I had to pass along this link to a howler of a product, thanks to tipster Christopher in Hawaii.

Now if anybody can tell me how to put a hyperlink in a comment, I’ll be mighty grateful.


  1. That video is almost beyond belief. I am deeply curious about what kind of response they get to a product like that: How many people are actually taken in by such a thing? And how many of those demand their money back? I especially like the “cut it into shapes and put it anywhere.” And you won’t have to “waste time” putting those plants in the ground. Oy.

    — Susan from South of the River

  2. I actually did shake out one of those “shade mix” can-o-seeds in one spot. There remains one rather nice plant that comes up every year and spreads. A hardy geranium (I think) with deeply cut foliage and distinctive white flowers.

  3. “Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, retains water and supresses weeds.”

    Hey, I do all of those things, but not for $19.95….I’m priceless:)

  4. Actually, I blogged about the same product, and I’ve got a commenter who’s giving regular updates in the comments of my post — he’s giving the Roll n Grow a try! Since I don’t think I can do live URLs in the comments, I’ve put the link in the URL linked to my name. It’s pretty hilarious — he’s not having a heck of a lot of luck, but something’s coming up, at least…

  5. Susan, I tried to add a link in a comment using HTML and received an error message “This blog does not allow HTML comments,” so I don’t think it is possible.

  6. Thanks, Christopher! I’ll show my gratitude by stopping by your new place in NC to help you start your garden. And I”m not completely kidding.

  7. Ha! Video comes up right on their front page. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. More like Roll (with laughter) & Groan. The best part is where the narrator of the video says “no more spending hundreds -even thousands- in a nursery, and then you still have to WASTE TIME putting them in the ground!”

    This is the difference between gardening and “yardening,” right?

  8. TypePad can be configured to accept HTML code in comments, which would also let you do bold and italics with tags.

    I’ve had comments set up with HTML-formatted tags but when I previewed I lost all the coding, so I just muttered a lot and abandoned ship.

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