Good Deed Day on GardenRant


Beads_3Don’t wait until Christmas to do a good deed.  Two favorites:

Heifer International distributes goats, chickens, bees, and trees and seeds to poor people around the world.  The trees will set you back sixty bucks, the honeybees, complete with hive and training, are only thirty, or you can take your pick from their gift catalog.

And someone in your life will want a necklace or a bracelet from Bead For Life.  They’re hip, they’re handmade from old magazines, and they’re all about putting money in the hands of Ugandan women and children who live on less than two dollars a day.  They’re insanely cheap–I bought a bunch of necklaces for ten bucks each after reading about them in Vanity Fair–and you can go here to see how the money gets split up.  One fashion note about these beads:  some are big and chunky, and some are long and slim, like the beads pictured here.  If you care which kind you get, tell them when you place the order. Otherwise, it’s luck of the draw.


  1. those are excellent! i’ve gotten into microfinance recently (click the “kiva” badge on my url) but i’m always interested in how i can widen my sphere of influence. i have a jewelry degree, and one reason i don’t use it is because of the dirty details around the whole industry. thank you for sharing a material i can feel good about!

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