This Garden Coaching Thing Might Just Take Off


Ritame300_2SUCH an exciting weekend was had in Buffalo that it included – surprise to me! – the airing of the coaching story on "CBS Sunday Morning."  Here’s my report and here’s the link to the video…

My own Garden Walk/GardenRant Meet-up briefing will follow.  For now I’ll just report that Buffaloans are not just mad for gardening – they’re party animals.

Photo by CatAnders Photography.


  1. Great spot on CBS Sunday Morning! I’m glad I didn’t know about it ahead of time! Amy’s Mom & I had to get up at 6AM to watch when she was on. Dee’s not a morning person…
    Congratulations! VS

  2. Well done. Showing garden coaches alongside executive coaches, who have been around for quite some time, adds a lot of credibility to garden coaching, in my opinion.

  3. Susan, that was great, as are you! Thanks for the link. I am sitting in the evening garden intoxicated on lily scent tonight and the evening primroses are popping beyond belief…

  4. I work with a personal coach. But I have contacted a horticulturist that I recently met (at a local farmer’s market) and asked for a consultation about my perennial beds. I’m not sure if that’s exactly coaching, but we’ll see how the first consultation (or two) go!

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