What I Loved Most About GardenWalk Buffalo


Carrie2Those Carrie Bradshaw moments at the apres-Walk cocktail parties when a reporter with a camera and notebook or, god forbid, a microphone and TV camera, would come up to me, Susan, and Michele and say, "I hear you three are the coolest people at this party.  What do you think of GardenWalk?"

…and we would deliver witty, wine-soaked, fairly unprintable retorts.

We kept waiting for Mr. Big to roll up in his big black Town Car.  We would have refused him, of course, because we know that man is no damn good for us.


  1. Sorry to be off-topic here, but I notice the RSS feed format for Garden Rant has switched from full posts to excerpts. Please consider switching back to full posts. I found it terrific to read the full posts in my RSS reader without having to open new browser windows all the time, and I imagine many other readers did too.

    I hope to visit Buffalo for a future GardenWalk; sounds great. Thanks for covering it.

  2. Hey, I was at this party. Sex and the City? The closest thing to sultry-ness was the fact that Suasan REALLY did want to do some hippie chick dancing, but there was no music, and most of my music is ’80s alternative. NOT good for hippie chicks.

    Even saw (and recorded) the interview from the 11:00 news that night. They had on comments from Susan Harris about the Walk and Buffalo in general. Also from Aldona Satterthwaite, editor-in-chief of Canadian Gardening magazine. I think Liz, Amy and Michele ended up on the cutting room floor. As soon as I can figure out how to go from VHS to digital video file, I’ll send it off to you.

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