Catch Garden Coach Shirley Bovshow on “Martha Stewart Show”


California garden designer and coach Shirley Bovshow will be spreading the word this Friday morning on Sirius Radio.  I know this because she posted about it on our new Gardening Coach blog and here’s the story.

And guess who else is posting there – our Santa Barbara pal Billy Goodnick, who wasted no more than 5 minutes after reading my announcement to contact me to ask how he could contribute.  Billy’s got lots of ideas to share, in addition to stories from his decades of work as a landscape architect.  Here’s his first, a post about partnering with realtors.

Looks like I have some new blogging partners.


  1. Thank you, I have been a working gardener for almost 30 years and I must say that I tire of the people who think that a garden is not perfect if it is not free of bugs and holes in their leaves. I hate the chemicals that are poison, and there is no such “no maintenance free anything least of all a garden”. I live in Alaska and we have great gardening climate in Anchorage, a little short for us gardeners. All the sunlight in the summers is wonderful and makes up for many of the things we don’t have.

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