Climate Change Wins Nobel Prize for Gore


Congratulations, Al Gore.  You have your limitations as a politician, but as a teacher, wow.   Now, if we could only get one for Michael Pollan, who has completely altered the way a lot of people look at food–and made us as unhappy with our supermarkets as Gore did with our SUVs.


  1. The news that Gore and the IPCC won the Nobel was the first thing I saw this morning–what a great way to start the day! As much as I wish he had been allowed to serve in the office we voted him into (ahem…) the work he’s done these past seven years has been phenomenal. As opposed to the person who did get the job. And I’m going to stop right there….

  2. Susan (and Michele and Colleen) I would’ve enjoyed it too. The news this morning almost made up for the heartbreak I felt in 2000. Nothing can make up for the last 7 years of heartbreak, though, ever.

  3. A well deserved award, to be sure–even moreso than Doris Lessing winning the Nobel for Literature. and gee whiz, Susan, I can’t imagine you going ape-shit political; it would be fun to watch for a change because you’re normally so subdued and unlikely to stir the pot. 🙂

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