Kathy Jentz in Washington Post – finally!


After almost 3 years as the editor/publisher of the Washington area’s only gardening magazine, our local paper finally gives Kathy and the mag a mention – not in the gardening column but in the Sunday Magazine.  Okay, even better.  But too bad they included somebody else’s photograph in the on-line version, leaving readers to wonder:  Why is a garden writer holding a bolt of upholstery fabric?


  1. Since I’m an old fashioned newspaper reader, I saw her photo in the actual magazine. Congrats, Kathy! You’re doing a great job for the whole gardening community!

  2. Thanks, Bev! And hopefully that online photo is corrected soon — one high school friend told me in an email that I “looked fabulous” – I had to break it to her that the lady with the silk fabric bolt is NOT me. LOL.

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