Oprah’s Gardener: His Sexy Past!


We love it when we don’t even have to make up our own headlines.  Click to view, people.  Bonus points for most clever comments making use of the line about his "package deal."  We’re feeling all horticultural just thinking about it.


  1. How about bonus points for anyone who can tell us when Jamie’s appearing next on the show, or give us a link to his past appearances? The package of info on the Oprah site is coming up short.

  2. He’s also the new host of Victory Garden on PBS. He never interacts with the locals on the east coast, his clips are always separate since he’s apparently based in L.A.

  3. Jamie seems perfect for the currently sad state of commercial garden television… pretty package, but where’s the drama, the passion or the wit? Yawn.

    Cute accent, though.

    Now, if equally accented thespians Alan Rickman, Craig Ferguson, Liam Neeson, or Christian Bale wanted to talk to me about the benefits of mulching… I’d perk right up and pretend I didn’t know a thing about mulch. 😉

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