Website Newsletters – What do you like?


I recently mailed out the first issue of Sustainable Gardening News, then parked it on the site right here. Already I’ve received some great suggestions about it but I’m thinking:  Why not tap into the wealth of knowledge (and opinions) right here on the Rant?  I’ve been researching newsletters for a while and have my likes and dislikes but what do you folks like to see in newsletters?  And this time I’m not naming any sites in particular – see, I’ve learned something from my Post about Pay Per Post.

And to those of you who requested an RSS feed – well, I went and got one created and it doesn’t work yet.  I’m being very Zen about all these frustrations, though.  (Trying to, that is.)


  1. One problem with gardening newsletters is that you really have to write for only one section of the gardening audience.

    Because sadly we are in different parts of the world with different climates and even different seasons of the year. I find this issue when a lot of the people who read my blog are in cool autumn, yet I am currently in a hot wet spring downunder.

  2. Bare Bones – very true. I get a few garden enewsletters that have different zone versions. I myself produce one just for the MidAtlantic/Greater DC area. I find that the “to do” lists and bloom times in Enews that try to cover the entire nation generally are 2 weeks ahead and behind our zones.

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