Blast from the Past: Secret Life of Plants


Did you watch it when it came out?  Did it trip you out?

This is just the Stevie Wonder video, but the entire film is  available online here as well.

Do plants have feelings? Discuss among yourselves.


  1. Oh, god, I hope not. If so my plants are planning a bloody assasination attempt, after what I’ve brought upon them with the roofing.

    It’s bad enough dealing with the human feelings.

    Though remember my post from before–the way they communicate, etc.

  2. Funny thing — last week I was actually (re)reading the book that inspired the film (coincidentally titled The Secret Life of Plants) it’s one of my favorites. After I saw the post on Gardenrant I had to watch the whole thing — I just finished now. I can’t express how much fun it was. Thanks for posting it.

    Jeff Gillman

  3. I happen to know that plants have feelings. Laugh, ye of little faith. Things grow better when I pay attention to them, and also praise them. Trust me on this.

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