Butterfly Tourism


The Associated Press reports on a new plan by the Mexican government to preserve the 124,000 acre "insect mecca" in central Mexico where Monarch butterflies congregate every year.  The basic plan is to stop logging and increase tourism to bring a little cash into this already impoverished area, which will only be more impoverished without the logging.

I am so up for a trip to Mexico to see the butterflies. Who’s with me?  I used to live in a community that was a stopping-off point for monarchs (Santa Cruz, CA) and lemme tell ya, there is a way to do this sustainably. The sight of thousands and millions of monarchs in flight and at rest all around you is nothing short of miraculous.  Just give the tourists a few viewing platforms around the edges of the preserves and we’ll be happy.

Fortunately, the LA Times tells you where to go and when. (Tip for the Mexican government: Before the AP breaks a big story about your plan for butterfly tourism, at least register mexicobutterflytourism-dot-com or some such thing.

The upscale way to do this trip is to stay at the Hotel Virrey de Mondoza in Morelia and sign up for their butterfly tour.

Dude.  Mexico in the winter.  Monarchs everywhere.  I’m outta here.