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UPDATE: A shout-out to BoingBoing for picking up Jim Nadi’s post, above.  And….

Thanks to Fran Sorin for her GardenSmart piece on garden blogs in USA Weekend.  If this is your first time here, I’ll share links to some of my all-time favorite posts.  Most of us check GardenRant first thing in the morning, when we’re too bleary-eyed to get any real work done.  I hope that we become one of your favorite time-wasters at the office, too.  Feel free to post a comment (if you’re new to this, just click the Comments link at the bottom of each post to read what everybody else is saying and join in) to let us know what you think.

OK, some favorites:

The Ministry of Controversy category includes some of our most outrageous and entertaining posts.

Unusually Clever People
includes everything from gossip about celebrity gardeners to some of our most esteemed garden writers and designers.

I Don’t Have a Garden, But I Watch One on TV is filled with crazy and not-so-crazy garden videos, critiques of HGTV, and more.

Our Hottest Rants of 2006 is a great round-up of the posts that got the most comments last year. Wonder what will make the list this year?

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  1. Read about you in the paper. I need to shout out to someone who will understand – my first tomato blossom is on my indoor cherry tomato plants as of this morning! Last year, I broke open six cherry tomatoes and put the pot in a south window, watering daily. I had cherry tomatoes by June. I started earlier this year and it appears that I’ll have them by January or February if my kids leave the plants alone!

  2. Saw your blog in USA! I haven’t read one article yet, but I can see already this is a great place to be! Cherry tomatoes in winter? I will have to try that one!

  3. Mary, I’ve never tried tomatoes, but I’ve had great luck keeping their partner basil going in the house. I buy columnar basil in spring, keep it in a pot all summer, and move it into the house in fall. Columnar basil tolerates house window light and it’s just fantastic, always having those essential six leaves for a pizza.

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