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I’ve already complained to you about the frustrations of blog-surfing and trying to leave comments under’s new rules, so let’s move on.  At least I found these items that Rant readers might find of interest.

Rick Anderson at Whispering Crane Institute found this amazing photo of golf on an aircraft carrier at BldgBlog.
I was ready to start ranting about it until I finished reading his post
and learned it was PhotoShopped.  Right – I knew that!

Graham Rice proves to be not just a plantsman on two continents but a British music DJ, too!  You may or may not be able to hear it live where you are, but it’s archived right here.  Now Graham, I hope you’ll be writing about your music faves on your gardenblog.  Craig does it all the time over at Ellis Hollow and while some purists object, I think it’s a nice addition to any gardening blog to wander off-topic occasionally.

And speaking of Craig Cramer, he indeed beat us to this story about a calendar featuring nude farmers.  Craig, it’s because we’re prurient, as you correctly note, that we won’t be buying that one.

Every now and then we realize we’ve neglected to put one of our regular commenters on our blogroll, and sometimes even guest bloggers get missed.  Not intended!  It’s just that no one here has "Update blogroll" in their job description, so DO give us a nudge if your link is missing.

The December issue is out and
right here
.  "What’s New?" is a compilation of news and blog posts about such meaty topics as native plants, drought-resistance, composting, and organic gardening.  This month there’s a link to Kathy Purdy’s review of a new organic
gardening book and Graham Rice’s review of New Gardening – a British
take on all those subject that I can’t wait to read myself.  So please, if you
know of good links or have written about these subjects yourself, drop me a line and I’ll
include them – both in the newsletter and permanently on the site. 

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  1. While I’m all for supporting farmers, I can’t think of any reason why I would want pictures of nude ones hanging in my kitchen … (shutter).

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Well ladies, I’ve just found your blog and…well…I love it. I’ve put you on my google reader so I won’t miss any more entries. Thanks for the great writing and I look forward to seeing a lot more.

  3. You know, I’d really like to see an aircraft carrier with a garden on top. On the other hand I’m the one gardening indoor, so I guess I’m all for planting stuff in unortodox places.

    BTW I’m not in your blogroll. Nudge, nudge, know what I mean 😉

  4. OK, Susan… I’ll do that. I do occasionally post about fishing or the peculiarities of transatlantic life… I’ll add music. The first, by way of transition, is on bands with horticultural names…

  5. Just joined your sustainable gardening mailing list, thanks!

    Funny, as the lowly part-time lecturer who had to beg my community college to let me offer an organic gardening class through continuing ed, I was just drafted to serve as a member of the new campus-wide sustainability committee. So, I need some fresh sustainable ideas (I remember doing a grad seminar at Cal Poly on defining “sustainable agriculture” in the mid-1980s – have to dig out my notes, too…)

    We had our first meeting last week, and, you know, that aircraft carrier seems very timely – “green roofs” seem to be near the top of the sustainability hot list. Lots of civil engineers on this committee. Sigh. Think maybe we could do one in poinsettias? In containers, of course – not just green, either, different colors, to spell out different inspiring (or snide?) messages, or something? Anything short of reproducing a uncover-cropped farmer from that catalog, Rose Parade style. Then we could compost the whole thing in the center of Panther stadium or the NASCAR track.

    Which reminds me, that’s another thing I have to do, rewrite my current composting handout – about time I did that, so I’ll click that “compost happens” button on your sustainable page first, Susan.

    And music, I’ve been wondering about that, too. OK, if it’s good for Graham Rice, it’s good for me. My next blog will be musical.

    (We caroled at the Center yesterday, and this lovely homeless woman dressed all in white came out of nowhere and began directing us, very expertly in fact. We started singing Alfred Burt’s Caroling Caroling, and her eyes grew wide, like a child eyeing presents, and she sighed “I love Burt’s work, he’s such a blessing…”. And just as quick, she gave me a little director’s glare and quick hand signal meaning “tenor! don’t you dare let that pitch drop!”.

  6. Don, check out the Sustainable Sites Initiative draft report. Also, the Canadian homeowners association national organization has best-practice rules they promote for their members, probably on a website somewhere. Now I’ll go look for them myself.

  7. Don, check out the Sustainable Sites Initiative draft report. Also, the Canadian homeowners association national organization has best-practice rules they promote for their members, probably on a website somewhere. Now I’ll go look for them myself.

  8. Don,you also may want to check out This nursery out of Michigan provides prevegetated trays with gorgeous plant mixes. I don’t have any experience with the company or their products but their catalog is intriging. No pointsettias but the sedums are spectacular.

  9. It bums me out people won’t read blogger blogs as often now. Maybe if I create a garden out of a fleet of warships I’ll garner some attention. But this fleet will be made of awful plants, like mums, barberry, silver maple, most hostas, and all will be maintained with vigourous chemical fertilizers produced by nuclear power plant leftovers. Then said fleet will be used for target practice. Go blogger?

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