Sustainable Gardening News, January 08


by Susan

This month’s edition has been delivered and I’ve parked it right here for safekeeping.  These are some highlights:


-The Seattle Times
reports on what’s HOT in 2008 and it’s all green – organic
low-maintenance plants, rain barrels – everything that’s here on the
site!  And OUT are big lawns and hiring contractors to do everything
for you, though to that last item I say "Oh, really?".   Lawndecember300_2

– Then the San Diego Union-Tribune weighs
in with their hot trends for the new
year and guess what leads the list
– sustainable gardening!  (I’m not making this up.) 

– Now the bad news – the HeraldTribune
says that gardening (as in digging in actual dirt) is down as a
national trend, though upgrading the garden as a living area is a hot
trend. You know, t
hose fancy
outdoor kitchens.


Stuart’s "21 Skills Every Gardener Should Have" is chockful of intriguing ideas about what’s essential to know about gardening, and great links for each item.  And what I found shockful was how many of them I haven’t exactly mastered yet.


– Next up in the Tools and Stuff section are my favorite Tools for Pruning and Making Divisions, with lots of photos and favorite types and brands.

-From the archives of Slate, the most excellent stories by Constance Casey: This meaty guide to beginning gardening has been added to the Getting Started section, How to Water has been added to the   Water/NoWater section, and I this one’s been added, too: How to not be intimidated by   roses.


– Will this groundcover work? is about trialing creeping sedum as a repStewartcolbertlacement for turfgrass.  It’s like reality TV, only for plants.

-Where there once was lawn – a new fieldstone path is another installment in the transformation story, with a short rant about stoneyards.

-In Are we SURE we hate turfgrass? I admire my neighbor’s beautiful garden and have doubts.


  1. Thanks for the site link to Stuart’s list. It has been saved to my favorites and will be looked at repeatedly. I have been trying to find info on gowing onions from seed, having purchased seeds last year with no luck. Now it is spelled out clearly.

  2. Susan, I have to echo the commenters on your sustainable blog and ask, where the hell do you garden? Where is this paradise of the tasteful, the sophisticated, the curving bed?

  3. While I am happy that sustainable gardening seems to be a hot trend, I am hoping that more and more people will realize the necessity of these practices, and that it will not just be a fad, that will disappear if the price of oil goes down and we have an anomaly of a perfect growing season. I think your Sustainable Garden blog is a great gift to those of us who want to be more thoughtful and knowledgeable in the way we garden. Thank you.

  4. I take it that means you like my neighbor’s garden – me, too. I’ve said it before about them – I got lucky with neighbors. This photo is what they see from their deck-while they’re bird-watching and from my garden I get to listen to their waterfall and all the birds. It’s the best thing about sitting in my garden this time of year.

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