Coming soon from Urban Outfitters – Upscale Garden Centers


Urban Outfitters has starting partnering with local garden centers to take them Uptown.  Think leather couches and overpriced knick-knacks.  Read all about it.

Relevant to our on-going discussion of the future of gardening:

Baby boomers aren’t as interested in gardening as experts forecast, he said.  "As people grow older, they are downsizing," he said. "And the
18-to-34-year-olds, the kids of the baby boomers, aren’t into
gardening. If it doesn’t have a mouse, they don’t want to know about

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  1. According to the company their new stores are going to “transform the local garden center into an experience that celebrates the beauty and abundance of nature while offering an eclectic mix of garden-inspired products tailored for the contemporary customer.” Gee, I am glad someone has finally thought of that.

    I hope they do well. They won’t be any competition for us here in the foothills and if they can get more people into gardening then great. I have been to the stores they run now and would agree it can be summed up as “leather couches and overpriced knick-knacks”, but the urban crowd seems to be eating it up.

  2. About the kids of the boomers not gardening..three out of four of my adult children, ages 32 to 26 are hard core gardeners, the non gardener just needs some land and he will dig in also. ‘Teach your children well’ the Crosby Stills Nash and Young song goes… In truth, two started planting as soon as they had a place with land, the last and oldest just got the bug last year, but is making up for lost time. Even the grandchildren have their own plots, and not just vegetables. I believe there may be a gardening gene, reading the comments on my post dated 1-09-08, Why Do We Garden.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  3. I thinks its a wise business decision. The reality is that gardens have been around civilized cultures for years and they will continue to be a part of our world in the future. Gardens aren’t going to go away and we will always need nurseries to supply the goods.

    Its time to revamp the marketing approach in our industry to be in step with this up and coming generation that has a completely different approach to life,living and working spaces, communication and relationships.

    I say, “If you can’t get the new generation into the garden, bring the gardens to them!”

    We all know, how irrisistable nature is once we are “bitten.” I’m working on some ideas to do just that and I hope my professional peers who have stores, landcaping businesses and other garden related ventures are doing the same.

    In my design business,I design so that my clients feel as though they live in a garden. Indoor/outdoor blurred. Vegetable gardens and edible gardens are a part of the plan.

    I’m not discouraged about the new generation being so out of touch with nature because of their “techno-centric” lifestyles because this is precisely the reason they will need a garden!

    Past generations were pulled into the garden by neccessity-for sustinance. Later generations, for recreation as well. The new generation will seek out the garden out of neccessity too, but this time for sanctuary and refuge from the isolating and inorganic computer world that they live and work in.
    I hope to be there to greet them!

  4. What Shirley said.

    Anybody know if there will be any Terrain stores in Sacramento, CA? If they’re hiring, I might just apply.

    Sure, I’d rather work in a really cool organic nursery/cafe/bookstore/gallery/music venue/learning center, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening in my area in my lifetime.

  5. I’m 31 and very into gardening. So is my cousin, 26. My enthusiasm pulled my neighbor into it big time (she’s 26). None of our parents garden. My grandma was eager to get off the farm in her teens, she moved into town and preferred life there, and never had a garden again.

    I think you will see a resurgence in home gardening among the younger people. My generation is very, very concerned about where our food is coming from and some of us are so fed up, we’ll grow our own pesticide free organic veggies ourselves. Least that way we know where they came from. And, the surprise for many of us is how incredible the fruits from our garden taste compared to what we have had in stores all our lives. Change is coming!

  6. This is a good thang.
    Urban Outfitters has style and panache .
    If they can “style” their nursery and other green products the way they currently do with their sexy short skirts and luscious red club chairs to the younger generation then all the power to them.
    If it takes keen stylized marketing to get the younger generation to take note of the pleasures of gardening ( and who wouldn’t love to prune with a pair of 50 dollar felco’s ? ) then go for it.

    All the more competition for Smith and Hawkens.

    Designer heirloom tomatoes planted with a shiny new stainless steel English gardening spade and polka dotted Wellies anyone ?

  7. I’m panting over this – Urban Outfotters has long been one of my favorite stores – can’t wait to see their take on gardening.
    Love going to Anthropologie too for looking only – you just have to laugh at their prices and knock-off flea maret finds — I;d rather have the real things for 1/10 the price.

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