Garden blogs by region, too


Boy, we are really going regional here today.  Marie’s request that the Friends of Rant be listed by region prompted me to finish the reorganizing of my own Blogroll by Region (already in progress!) and get it up here today. 

Who’s on it?  Everyone who was on the Friends of Rant list last summer when I started the blogroll, plus everyone who’s asked to be included since.  It’s open to all and I’ll be adding it to our Regional Guru site, so y’all send me your links! The Friends of Rant list is open to all readers, too.

And guess what.  Grouped by region, the list is suddenly interesting to me.  I get to be impressed by the irrepressible blogging spirit of Midwestern gardeners.  And is anybody doing it in Arizona and New Mexico?  And if not, why not?

Hint.  Garden in two different regions – or better yet, different countries, like Graham Rice – and you get listed twice. 


  1. I just used ordinary old email too to reintroduce myself but wanted to second Wiseacre – zones are handy – and interesting to see who far away from us gardens in a “nearby” zone. Thanks for making this list!
    -kris at Blithewold (zone 6)

  2. Susan, Another great idea!
    I garden in Western Massachusetts, at an elevation of 1700 feet, in the middle of 20 acres of field where the Montreal Express comes roaring by in the winter. Zephyrs all the rest of the year. Technically, Zone 5, but I always look for very hardy plants. I love checking out those mid-western blogs.
    Pat at

  3. Long-time lurker, first-time commenter … love your site.

    I’d be great if you could add my blog to your rolls (

    I’m in Portland, Oregon, USDA Zone 8/9, Sunset Zone 6.

  4. At, I blog about my zone 5 northern Indiana garden (plus whatever else strikes my fancy.) During the season, I also post pictures about my garden restoration efforts at a state historic site: It’s another zone 5 northern Indiana garden. Thanks for pulling this together!

  5. I would like to be included. I live in SW INdiana.

    I can’t wait to see this. When one travels you can look at how it will seem when you arrive in a new area.

  6. I’d love to be on the regional list too. I’m an expat Brit fighting both the elements and my incompetence.
    My little veggie plot is in the top NE corner of Oklahoma near Grove.

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