What gardeners need in January – laughs!


Friend-of-Rant Jeff Lowenfels (author of Teaming with Microbes) recently canvassed other garden writers for their favorite funny gardening sites and here’s the resulting story in the Anchorage Daily News.  So, who got included?  Don Engebretson’s Renegade Gardener site, naturally.  Also Desperate Gardens, Shady Deals Nursery, and David Hobson’s Garden Humour, all new to me but not for long. 

Now what sites were recommended but not included in the article?  To surely everyone’s surprise, the Plant Delights site, a product of the offbeat, verging on bizarre mind of Tony Avent.  And although one discerning garden writer suggested GardenRant as "the obvious choice", it must have cut for space by the editor.  Right, Jeff?  Or what’s more likely, because blogs weren’t even covered in the article, so Jeff, we’re still friends.

[Note to Jeff:  I’ll be attending your Feb 3 talk at Green Springs Garden in Virginia and will accost you at the podium to introduce myself, so consider yourself warned.]


  1. On David Hobson’s Garden Humour I found a link to thenaughtygnome.com. Mum likes the occasional gnome, and she’s getting one of the “moonies” for Mother’s Day. He’s brilliant! (Oops sorry–a bit of Britspeak there. My brain just switches to the language or dialect I saw last.)
    Okay, well…we both developed a mild fondness for garden gnomes after watching “The Full Monty” when it came out. Ordinarily, we both prefer plants to plaster and genuine good taste in garden ornaments, but we both succumb to genuinely bad taste from time to time.

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