Jerry Baker’s Revenge – Spam!


Baker2by Susan
Several times a week, every week, I get an email telling me that either Hillary, Britney, Helga, Sveta or Bush has left a comment on my old Jerry Baker post.  There’s no need to open the messages anymore because they’re always spam.  You know the kind – "I really like your site" followed by a link to some outfit selling Viagra or its competitors, a link now deposited on our unsuspecting blog.  Makes me wonder:

  • Why do they ALWAYS target posts about Jerry Baker, not just on the Rant but back home where I first ranted about him?
  • Why do they use just those names over and over?  Although I admit that just today there was a little relief from the monotony of Britneys and Hillarys.  This time it was "Musclemen xxx" leaving a comment about Jerry Baker and he deposited a link I thought I’d have to be in the mood to actually click on. Truth I’m no prude but no porn before noon, please.
  • And don’t they know that comment spam doesn’t work anymore?  At least that’s what one IT person told me – that Google no longer recognizes the links deposited on our blogs that way. 

So please, Britney, Hillary and most especially Bush and Musclemen XXX, find something better to do with your time.  How about assembling a nice rain barrel kit for your home?

For the record, I’m not the only one ranting here about good ole Jerry Baker, just the only one putting his name in the


  1. My spam filter had caught nearly 150,000 messages since installation about a year ago. Maybe half a dozen sneak through each week, mostly on older posts. And I’ve never written about Jerry Baker.

  2. I don’t understand the hold Jerry Baker has on people. I watched one of those PBS specials years ago (when I didn’t know better) and I remember shaking my head over how much work his recipes and methods required. And the ingredients! Beer, baby shampoo and mouthwash? Reminds me of concoctions I created as a child when I played Mad Scientist, mixing together whatever I found under the bathroom sink. At least I had the sense not to pour my mixtures anywhere but down the sink.

  3. To my friends and neighbors, here in Cedar Falls, Iowa, my name is “Jerry Baker,” but people can’t find me, by that name, on the Internet. That’s because the most “prominent” of the OTHER “Jerry Bakers” has “hogged up” the Internet with such a huge number of links to his own “business.”

    If I wrote a book, I might title it, “People Are Like Sheeple.”

    My blog’s address is:

    Gerald Baker

  4. Hi,

    I’m the same person that posted here on May 12.

    A friend just sent me this funny video presentation about Jerry Baker as a candidate for president.

    It comes from a web site where one can insert anyone’s name, as the candidate.

    At first, I thought it was someone’s publicity stunt, and, since I’m interested in fun, I was interested in seeing what was the reason for it.

    Even though it’s just a joke, it’s still fun, of course.

  5. Hi Pat,

    I hope you found an answer to that, because I don’t know.

    A post on “Garden Web,” which I recently mentioned on my blog, told of a way to chase moles away from one’s lawn. He said he did it by playing a continuous taped recording of some rants of Rush Limbaugh.

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