What the well-dressed farmer in Japan will be wearing



Hey, all you creaky-jointed boomer gardeners out there. Scientists in Japan have you covered. Literally. This robot suit includes 8 motors in a rigid resin frame that give a power assist to farmers trying to pull huge daikons out of the ground or performing other chores that cause strain on the back, waist, hips, and arms. They also refer to it as a robotic exoskelton.

Ok, that’s all I know. Most of the info seems to be in Japanese.

Via Boing Boing and (who else) mentee/much-time-on-hands Ron.

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Elizabeth Licata

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  1. It’s actually hat tip, so I used it incorrectly before, but I think it could also be hot tip.

    Strictly speaking, should have been: “HT Ron the mentee”

    Quite innocuous.

  2. I saw something like this on tv only it was the military using it. They could unload tons of materials and not injur themselves nor get tired.

  3. Yeah, I was kinda wondering about that “HT” thing, too. I’m not up (or down) with the lingo you Gen Z kidz bandy about. That’s why I’m gettin’ me one ‘ them robot suits.
    –Ron the Mentee

  4. Oh, wow, I’d love one of those suits! Imagine how much more quickly our rock wall would get built. My neighbors already wonder about me when they see me gardening with my weight belt on (best back saver I’ve ever discovered). I can only imagine their reaction if I had one of those suits. Look out, here comes Robo-Lisa!

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