Free DVD about Propagation to Willing Reviewer


Propagation_2 UPDATE:  We have a reviewer: Claire Splan in Alameda, CA.  We look forward to her review and have also asked her to say a few words about the International Plant Propagators Society. 

Our second giveaway of the week is also courtesy of the folks at Fine Gardening Magazine – their DVD-ROM about
Propagation.  Because I’m totally unqualified to review it, I’ll send it to someone who DOES know something about the subject and is willing to give us a report of at least 200 words.  Say a few words about your experiences with propagation and the winner will be announced at 9 am EST tomorrow.  $25 value.


  1. I’d love to have a shot at reviewing the Prop DVD. I took two classes on propagation last year and won a scholarship to attend the International Plant Propagators Society meeting last October (really fun group, by the way). I hate to beg, but … pick me, pick me!

  2. Yes, pick her. I don’t know anything about it myself. I am really rather a novice gardener even though I am among the “older” demographic.

  3. I would like to hear Claire’s perspective, especially in light of her experiences with the Int’l Plant Propagators (who I’ve never even heard of).

    In fact, I would like to hear about Int’l Plant Propagators more than I would like to hear about Fine Gardening.

  4. I’m not a good candidate for reviewing but this is a DVD I desperately need. I’m abysmal when it comes to propagating, often because I do something stupid like forget to water. And the plants have the nerve to die on me! Go figure. If this DVD comes with a garden elf to do my watering and other propagation tasks, that would be the answer to my prayers.

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