Girl Gardenwriter Gabfest at American Hort Society



It’s great that Amy doesn’t mind traveling – actually seems to like it – so her friends and ranting partners around the country can
see her without having to leave town.  Like last week when she gave her fun flower talk at the American Horticulture Society in Alexandria, VA and Kathy Jentz and I only had to cross the river to hear it.  And after her book-signing session we grabbed our buddy Viveka Neveln, assistant editor of The American Gardener Magazine, and headed for the local Indian lunch buffet for a long gab session.  Gossip much?

Then we headed back to the AHS editorial offices – in a funky old carriage house – and were tempted to hang out at length in Viveka’s office.  First we noticed the  jungle of foliage but it was her book collection that had us salivating and wanted to browse all afternoon.  Seems our friend is a total hort nerd with degrees from actual universities to prove it.  And a good writer, too?  It happens!

In the photo are, from left, Amy, yours truly, Viveka Niveln and Kathy Jentz.  Taken by David Ellis, American Gardener editor and good guy.   


  1. Barbara – your on – I’ll be in Philly on 3/2-3/3 for the Garden Writers and I think a few of us would enjoy a glass of something fizzy on the eve of 3/2.
    And Viveka is a “hort nerd” what does that make the rest of us? I like “plant geek” myself.
    A fun lunch! For the record, we did invite a boy along, he was just too busy with deadlines to join us. Meanwhile, us busy bee gals know that lunch and gossipy chats rank well ahead of any pesky work demands.

  2. Kathy – name the place and time and we’re on! City Tavern, Bookbinders, and Plough & Stars are tried and true suggestions for your consideration.

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