Sustainable Agriculture (gillman)


Makes distinction betrween the organic/nonorganic distinction in
food production and something new: sustainable agriculture, a system of
growingo food with redu ed syntehtic inputs (similar to Integrated Pest
Management) though not ne3cessarily orgniac ) had more antioxidants
than even organically produced food.  ‘If you’roe worried aboutr
syntehtic pesticide residues, selecting organic foods for your table is
an option, but really that’s just trading one set of pesticides for
another that’s been less intensively researched. If you’re resally
worried about pesticides on your food, you should research plants that
are less likely to contain pesticides at all, such as onions, weet
corn, and swet potatoes, select those for youy dinner table, and wash
your food well with hot water before eating it.

"Organic gardening should be about making safe and smart choices,
such as reducing the use of pesticiddes and increasing the use of
mulches and compost. Instead it has come to mean making the natural
choifces..lThe natural choicess aren’t necesarsily the wrong ones, bnut
tehy’re not necesarily the right choices either."