We have our Northeasterner – the Garden Lady



Meet the newest Regional Garden Guru.  Gardening in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, it’s CL Fornari, author of a slew of gardening books and articles in magazines and newspapers. In response to our call for more gardenwriters to put good regional
gardening info on line, she got in the spirit and added a special new
section to her existing site and it’s The Garden Lady’s Northeast News.  She’s helping pull together more good gardening links for the Northeast, but don’t stop sending us your recommendations.

Oh, and here’s a little something about CL’s gardens:

I have gardened in Wisconsin, California, New Jersey, New York State and Massachusetts, and I’ve grown plants in good soil, clay, rocks and pure sand. I’ve planted on Cape Cod since 1993 and in early 2008 I moved to a 2 ½  acre blank slate of a property. All I know now is that I’ve
got a weird clay/sand mix in desperate need of organic matter, and a great deal of workCl_fornari ahead of me. I’ll keep you posted.

Yep, that’s what I like to see in a gardening communicator, in whatever medium – someone who’s still
learning, after all those gardens in all those places and soils.


  1. I wish that my experiences in Nevada applied anywhere else in my town, my zipcode, or even my block! Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be much of a blog or of much use to perpetually write about how NOTHING behaves as expected in my garden. Things that shouldn’t even grow thrive, things that should thrive perish, except when they thrive, and at this point I just jam plants in the ground where I find what I hope is a suitable space and see what happens.

    It’s a whole lot of fun for me, since I have a very experimental bent, but it’s pure frustration for many others. Maybe it’s that things that “shouldn’t” grow here from me succeed because I don’t know any better. Or rather, I do know better but refuse to acknowledge it.

    Lisa, not so grouchy today…

  2. Just one person to cover the whole “northeast,” which includes New York and Pennsylvania?

    I’m sure CL Fornari is a knowledgeable gardener, but I doubt I can consider her a “guru.” Cape Cod’s climate is hardly typical of the rest of the “northeast,” or of New England.

    Hardiness zones in Maine alone run from 5a on the coast to zone 3 at the northern tip. Cape Cod is somewhere around zone 7, which would be like getting advice from someone as far away as Delaware. And enduring winter along the ocean’s edge is a lot different than slogging it out in the mountains.

    It’s too bad Sue Sweeney is no longer updating The Monday Garden, http://inmygarden.org/ — there is a positive wealth of information on eco-gardening in mainland New England at the site.

    I hope the “garden gurus” project will keep on looking for people throughout the New England region.

  3. All good points, Firefly, and the more accurate term might be editor, at least in my case. Editor/writer/guru, whatever, but keep sending us more good regional links and even your favorite writers in print, TV shows.
    The partners in Regional Garden Gurus are starting small, using a page-limited site with each of us covering large areas. So we really welcome your suggestions.

  4. Any gurus reading this that garden in the Sonoran Desert?

    Low desert is such a specialized climate that sourcing good materials to plant is tricky.

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