Rant on the Road: Garden Shows


Are you headed to a garden show this spring?  Share your witty insights, snide criticisms, secret passions, and cell phone camera snapshots with your fellow GardenRant readers.  Send us your garden show review (even if the show’s already over for the year) and we’ll post it here.  I’m hitting Boston, San Francisco, and LA this year.  Rants forthcoming. 


  1. Amy, I can’t get to Boston in time to see you, but I’ll be there. In the meantime I just attended the Smith College Spring Bulb Show which is always such a boost. We have feet of snow and when I went on Tuesday our trees were encased in ice, but down in the tropics of Northampton the sun was shining, the Lyman Plant House was a blaze of color and fragrance. Once you got your fill there you could wander through the other greenhouses – camellias, ferns, succulents, pitcher plants and a steamy palm house. They you could rest on a bench set by a waterfall! Photos on my blog commonweeder.blogspot.com

  2. Amy, hope to see you again at the SF Garden Show next week. I look forward to another GWA meeting where we can hear about how nobody wants to get their hands dirty in the garden anymore!

  3. I’m glad I saw this post in time. I just won tix so for the first time in my life, I’m going to a big flower & garden show. The SF Flower & Garden Show, to be precise. I expect I’ll be eye-rolling a lot but I think there will also be things I’ll be happy to see. Like I was intrigued to read last year of the entry UC Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources came up with using a wine theme and reused/recycled objects.

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