Breaking News: EPA Orders Scotts to Stop Selling Certain Products


Thanks to Tamara at Can-U-Dig-It for the tip.

The EPA has pulled a couple Scotts products off the shelf ("Garden Weed Preventer + Plant Food" and "SLS Fertilizer With .28 Halts") because, according to the EPA,the products have not been registered with the EPA and have invalid registration numbers.

EPA has urged Scotts to voluntarily recall the product, and they’ve posted information about how to find out if you have one of these products on your shelf.

More later.  Stay tuned.


  1. What a screw-up! And damned dangerous, too! Suppose any heads will roll?

    This sent me scurrying outside to check the clove oil herbicide I just bought. It’s not EPA registered but it’s EPA exempt. Whew! So far it’s the only organic product I’ve found that works against my cursed Japanese anemones. Digging them out didn’t work (it just made more of them). Sheet mulching with cardboard and inches of mulch and gravel didn’t work (they found a way through all of it). Boiling water? Not harsh enough. Flamers? Uh, I’m too accident-prone for that device. I was at my wits’ end (admittedly not much of a stretch).

    Okay, enough off-topic war stories.

  2. Scotts is a stinker. They have the money to buy good products names and they change the product with the same name into a lesser quality product. It’s a dollar run company. Watch them attempt to go so called organic and expect to pay big bucks for a cheaper grade of product.
    I hate that my best suppliers of fertilizers and soils sold out to Scotts. What my customers liked is no longer available.

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