Community Gardeners in the Washington Post – all season long


Adrian Higgins’ article in today’s Washington Post brings some really exciting news.  In it he introduces us to the Glover Park Community Garden and to a few of its gardeners.  But the best part is that Higgins will be checking in with them via video every month throughout the season, so we’ll be "Following a Growing Drama, with Many Plots".  The main characters are the wiseguy chairman of the garden, some young but experienced gardeners, and a total newbie.  Man, this is our kind of reality show – and how cool is that?

Higgins and the Post deserve a big rave from the Rant for this terrific idea.  Watch the first installment. 


  1. I was interested to see the stumbling conversation between Adrian and the young woman who’d never done a garden before about the process of garden-making. She really had no idea how to begin. That’s the kind of thing for which a community garden is wonderful–there are old sages everywhere to tell you what to do first.

    I was also amazed in Adrian’s story by the cynicism from the Johnny’s of Maine spokesperson, who suggested that once most Americans get a clue about the physical labor required by a vegetable garden, they will drop the idea. In my opinion, the exercise is the real draw of vegetable gardening. And you don’t have to rip a garden out of sod with your bare hands. While I never use power equipment once a garden is made, God did invent it for a reason.

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