Camouflage is cool


Owl_2I love this recent shot of a screech owl by my friend Glenda Kapsalis.

But before anyone scolds me for going off-topic, that’s a tree, right?


  1. Cool indeed. And this is a great reason to keep around trees with cavities. Many an arborist will tell you to remove such a tree(especially if it is a silver maple which the pic would suggest), and rightfully so if it can harm life or property.
    When the damn starlings aren’t nesting in the cavities of our A. saccharinums the woodpeckers and occasional barred owl enjoys them.

  2. That is a wonderful shot! Did she spot it flying in? I don’t know think I would have seen it otherwise… Actually, if you hadn’t labeled the post with the word “camouflage” I might have looked right by it!

  3. Great post. I live in the mountains in the summer and I’ve never seen an owl although I’ve heard them in the night. Beautiful picture. I’ll stop by often. Thanks, have a great week.

  4. Great photo! She’s got quite the eagle eye (or would that be owl eye?).

    Off topic? Not so! Wildlife is so much a part of my gardening experience, I couldn’t talk about one without the other.

  5. A little boy with very sharp eyesight spotted the owl, or owls (some of us think there are two in there). Since I am a professional photographer I have the proper gear (400 mm stabilized lens to capture it). Today, it or they were no longer there, but it gave the entire neighborhood a thrill – after I sent the picture around. None of the adults could really see it!

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