Blooming in Maryland


Vibursnowball2300May is all about blooming,  and here’s my blog post to prove it.  The teaser here is a large snowball viburnum.


  1. Anyone that grows perennials needs to have Tracy’s book that you mention. If I’m unsure about pruning or dividing perennials I get great answers from it. I like the advice about shearing Michaelmas daisies to keep them from flopping.
    Your sedums in pots look healthy but they way they are displayed needs improvement. The mismatched pots of assorted colors and styles
    distracts from the plants.

  2. “…the way they are displayed needs improvement. The mismatched pots of assorted colors and styles
    distracts from the plants.”

    Really? I like this creative variety. Matched pots of uniform colors and styles sounds a little too regimented and boring to me.

  3. Love the sedums in pots! That way you can appreciate the subtle differences, plus in pots it’s easier to control the amount of moisture each one gets according to its needs.

    As for Japanese anemone — anyone want some? I planted one plant some years ago and it has multiplied marvellously with absolutely no help from me and the plants now make a lovely statement in a somewhat undisciplined area of my garden. They’re only the common old pink ones, but they (to my mind) are among the most elegant and refined of plants.
    Reminds me — time to take pictures to remind me next year. I can’t find a whole lot of Darwin tulips, don’t know exactly where they are, and dont dare plant anything else in the vicinitynow.

  4. Susan, Those sedums are gorgeous. I don’t know that those mismatched pots distract – I think matchy-matchy is boring, but maybe if you jammed them all together and elevated the taller ones? And I don’t think you have NEARLY enough. 😉 still gardening.

  5. On the burning issue of Pots: To Match or Not! I should add that this is my deck, which almost nobody sees. On my front porch the pots not only match each other but also match the brick color of the porch floor and pathway leading to it.

  6. I like this plant very much, but it doesn’t thrive here! Too dry, too wet or too something! Loved your post on your site! gail

  7. Wow! This company even markets itself out here in flyover land! I’m impressed and _depending_on_pricepoint_ I’ll try their product or emulate, the most sincere form of flattery.

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