Cows are methane-spouting menaces



Spout it from both ends, they do, ruminants that they are.  And according to "Science Friday", giving up
beef will do waaay more to reduce carbon emissions than buying locally. (But we don’t have to choose, do we?  Hmmph.)

Seems that detrios oxide (released from decomposing manure) and methane (emitted as explained above) arere are exponentially worse than the more famous greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.

Replacing the calories from red meat and dairy products in one day’s
worth of your diet with calories from chicken, fish, or vegetables
could have the same impact on greenhouse gas emissions as shifting to
an entirely locally-grown diet.

Here’s more from ScienceLine:

A 2002 Environmental Protection Agency report estimated that methane
lasts 9 – 15 years in the atmosphere and has a global warming
potential, or climate impact, 56-times that of carbon dioxide over a 20
year period; although that drops to 21-times carbon dioxide after 100
years because methane degrades at a faster rate.

So if all the other arguments for giving up beef (health, animal welfare) haven’t convinced you, how about fighting global warming, saving the planet and all that?

Not that I’m preaching, of course.  Just asking.

Photo by Skinnyde.  Check him out – he has quite an eye for nature.

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Photo by Stephen Brown.