Gardenblog Round-up and Sustainable Gardening News


Here are the new-to-GardenRant items in tomorrow’s edition of Sustainable Gardening News, pluKing170s some extras items From the Blogs.  The whole newsletter, with its off-topic sidebar, is archived here.  Susan

In the News

  • A ban on many lawn and garden pesticides will go into effect next
    spring in Ontario, Canada. The new law would prohibit 80 chemicals and 300
    products that experts say pose a potential health.

  • Treehugger
    that condoms can save the rain forest.  Another great reason to use
    ’em, I suppose.

On the Blogs

  • I give Jeff Gillman’s proclamations about herbicides and fertilizers, organic or otherwise, a thorough look on my blog and in my local paper.
  • Boy, the Germinatarix got into the thick of the lawn/anti-lawn debate when
    she supported SYNLawn for areas without enough rainfall for the real stuff.  Commenters
    spoke their minds.
  • Great post by Saxon Holt at Gardening Gone Wild
    about marketing of new plants taking a bizarre turn of late.

Pure blogger gossip


  1. Thanks for linking to the hydrogels post. A couple of years ago, a contractor planted a bunch of capital-project perennials in the park around the corner. Later that same day I noticed a clear goo (like a mass of gelatinous crystals) covering the crown of each plant. Completely spooked, I ran off to find the park’s gardener. Neither he nor I had ever seen anything like it. We were soon assured by management that everything was okay and that the stuff had been left there intentionally. Though I was skeptical, I soon forgot about the whole thing.

    Now I wonder if maybe everything is NOT okay. I cannot imagine Garden Rant types using this stuff. Am I way too sheltered?

  2. Wow, garden blogger gossip, a wonderful category in which to be included! Many thanks, Susan. We are planning on visiting there again, when the wind is not trying to blow us off his mountain.

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