Last day to vote for Mouse and Trowel Awards



It’s time to get off the fence if you haven’t yet voted to encourage your favorite gardening sites and blogs.
  The nominees are all here, with links to ballots at the bottom of the page.

Of course the Ranters Four appreciate your votes – you know that.  But register your support for the hard work of webmasters and podcasters by voting in those categories, too, will ya?  Because websites don’t HAVE their own community to vote for them and need blogger and blog-reader support.  Maybe it’ll encourage Colleen, the already hard-working Mousie creator, to add a couple more categories for them – like Best New and Best Informational Site. 

Yes, I lobby, and lucky for me, Colleen hasn’t just told me where to stick it – yet.


  1. I just voted 8.45am PST, April 13, but there is a message at the bottom of the post saying the voting is closed, a bit confusing.

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